What do we do?

We work with you to lift your company's capability to increase sales and reduce the cost of selling across the whole sales force or sales function. The aim is to improve your company's sales performance for both the top line and the bottom line.
Why we are unique in our sector ?

We have the ability to thoroughly and comprehensively understand your situation - your selling environment, your sales strategy, sales management, salespeople, processes, customer relationship management, sales force automation, and what you really want to achieve.
Our ability to assess and respond to your situation across one or more of these areas makes dealing with us a refreshing change.

An essential handbook that could propel your selling career

21 Timeless Insights for Sales SuccessWant to increase your sales? Looking for proven tips that will boost your sales career in any economic environment? Based on 25 years of experience in sales research and training, 20 Timeless Insights for Sales Success gives you the tools you need to boost your sales – and your attitude.

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Latest Blog Post - Are We Getting Away From What Really Works In Sales?

The sales profession continues to change because it has to. Prospects and clients are better informed and educated than ever thanks predominately to the internet which has also lead to their asking for more ‘free’ or ‘trial’ offerings. The pressure to increase sales revenues with fewer resources continues and a salesperson’s activities and productivity are measured more than ever to the point of being micro managed. With such a tight rein one would think sales would be on a steady increase but the opposit ...click here to read more.


About the Business
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the cost of selling
  • Sales strategy development
  • Sales training
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales mentoring
  • Sales recruitment and selection
  • Sales force automation
  • Sales and business process
  • Sales Academy
Our Approach
  • Comprehensive review of your sales force
  • Review of sales and business processes
  • Review enabling technology needs
  • Work with the external and or the internal sales team in real selling situations
  • Ability to get to the core issues quickly
  • Work with all levels of management and staff
  • Tailored implementation
Services Push
  • Review the sales forces competence, current processes and enabling technology
  • Increase sales and reduce the cost of selling
  • Competency based sales training
  • Infield sales coaching
    Sales mentor for sales management and salespeople
  • Assisted or full service recruitment of sales management and salespeople
  • Develop in-house Sales Academy
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Sales Consultants Pty Ltd.
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